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No-one owns the end-to-end experience or offer this volume of bookable inventory on the one site.

By leading with inspiration, the TRAVLR platform enables you to acquire customer ownership before travellers start their traditional flight or hotel search. This means you won’t get into that fight with the large OTA’s when it comes to booking.

Register today to offer your existing audience a complimentary service to drive ancillary revenue with no risk or investment.


Realise you’ve missed the opportunity of selling travel to your existing audience?

We can help you leverage your existing audience and can quickly generate a new revenue stream. We offer an out of the box solution through a full-service travel eco-system with exclusive travel and lifestyle based promotions and real user generated content.

TRAVLR for Businesses

For Travel and Media businesses wanting to drive ancillary revenue

Partnering with TRAVLR is an easy, win-win solution - no investment, simple implementation and no risk for the white label partner. You simply offering up something new and complimentary to your existing audience which helps you drive additional, ancillary revenue.

Other benefits include;

- You own the user and any future transaction

- Ability to quickly drive ancillary revenue with no risk or cash investment

- No need to spend millions in an effort to create your own travel platform

- Plug and play solution which can be live in a matter of weeks

- Engages existing communities in a really unique way

TRAVLR For government

Suitable for Tourism Boards and RTO’s looking for a ‘destination specific’ travel platform to help drive interest into your location and showcase everything your destination has to offer.

Our unique platform generates enormous amounts of user generated content on your destination and gives small businesses and iconic locations an online, digital presence. It’s perfect for tourism boards and any commission you might have earned can be put back into marketing the platform to help grow your reach for your destination.

Other benefits include;

- The world’s most powerful travel platform dedicated to your location or country

- A dedicated platform to your location which generates, collates and showcases high quality ‘user generated’ content on only your location

- The ability to highlight cultural and free experiences that make your destination unique

- Enormous amount of insights of what travellers are doing, what is popular and what they want to do in their country or location


Suitable for medium to large employers, you can give cash back to staff to drive retention & engagement

A powerful and unique way to engage, retain and reward your employee base. We are currently working through implementation opportunities with large corporate and government organisations as a way to offer a cost-free solution to drive employee engagement through internal reward, recognition and engagement programs.

Other benefits include;

  • The ability to offer your employees member-only rates across global inventory all on one site

  • Ability to offer your employees a cash-back offering on their travel following their trip (perfect for those businesses looking to engage, retain and reward their employees, as opposed to driving ancillary revenue streams)

  • Develop culture and a community by inspiring travel

  • Engage your staff in your own travel intranet ecosystem


Monetise your audience with the largest inventory of bookable content on one site

We’re different to other affiliate programs because we bring together the biggest players into one site where you can monetise every segment of travel. As a result there is more monetisable content available, cart sizes are bigger which ultimately means more commission.

Other benefits include:

  • Quickly and easily monetise your audience

  • Largest bookable set of inventory on one site

  • No risk approach to drive revenue

  • Larger cart sizes due to huge inventory

  • Ability to monetise exclusively contracted deals