Dream. Plan. Book.

To inspire travellers you need to provide more than just a place to book tickets. A partnership with TRAVLR gives access to the rich content our technology provides and the chance to communicate to your audience with a unique and powerful platform that monetises every segment of travel.

This is the space you need to occupy to capture a traveling millennial audience. And when they want to book, it’s one click to a booking platform within your own site branded as ‘your logo’ and powered by TRAVLR.


Stage 1: Dream

Removing traveller’s frustrations and inspiring them to dream

“If you want to attract more travellers, don’t give them more information. Give them inspiration.
— Daniel Levine, travel trends expert and keynote speaker

We understand that there are hundreds of ways to holiday in paradise, in fact there’s too much information to sort through and as a result, travellers are now looking for curators to help them pinpoint travel experiences that are right for them. In a saturated world where too much choice is a liability, TRAVLR cuts through the noise with recommendations tailored specifically to you by friends and peers that you trust and can relate to. This relieves the common frustrations of not knowing where to look or who to rely on and enhances the dream phase.
With 76% of travellers now taking the word of their peers compared to 14% from a traditional ‘expert’, we’re taking out the guesswork on where and how to travel in an impressive and highly influential way.


Stage 2: Plan

Enabling travellers to plan the perfect holiday

At TRAVLR we believe anyone can be their own travel agent, and should be able to create, plan and share their own personal recommendations quickly and easily… So that’s exactly what we’ve done.
As you discover, you can shortlist your favourite destinations, activities and accommodation on your own personally branded profile. You can leverage insider knowledge from curated suggestions or compare other traveller’s itineraries for great tips and ideas allowing you to simply and effectively move through the planning phase of your trip so you can focus on curating the ultimate experience at your dream location.


Stage 3: Book

Taking the stress out of booking by providing a seamless solution

Once you’ve completed the dreaming and planning stages, you’re now ready to book your dream holiday. With TRAVLR you can easily and efficiently book flights, accommodation and adventures you shortlisted during the planning stage within the one platform.

Eliminating the frustrations of too many screens and different moving parts in the booking process, TRAVLR allows you to easily review your choices with fellow travellers or compare prices and book through our trusted partners within the TRAVLR platform with confidence as we have integrations with all of the leading hotel, flight and tour aggregators.



Stage 4: Experience

Enabling, fulfilling and storing our traveller’s dreams

Once you arrive, we're right there with you. TRAVLR follows you as you fulfil your dream holiday, offering you the ability to record and store images and videos of your dream holiday right alongside your itinerary, friends and family can experience your dream trip, at the same time as you do.

TRAVLR ensures your dream holiday is kept flexible – you tweak and change your itinerary at any point! Have an outdoor activity booked and it’s raining? Jump back onto TRAVLR to look for new plans right away. Spur of the moment decision to watch the sunrise over the ocean? A quick check of your friend’s shortlists on the best locations for that is all you need. We even keep you up to date with email alerts on the important things in life like when ‘Happy Hour’ is at the coolest beachside bar.

This unique feature of TRAVLR is what assists our travellers in maximising the experiences they can enjoy on their holiday and focus on living out their dreams by creating those amazing moments that will last with them a lifetime.

After all, “Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer” – anonymous


Stage 5: Share

Love to share your travels? TRAVLR makes becoming an ambassador as simple as a click of a button.

Now that your trip is over, you’re probably dying to tell the world what you did.

Our TRAVLR platform enables people to curate their experiences, recommendations and that dream holiday they had, within your own online community turning them into ambassadors of countries and travel experts in their field of passion.

This turns TRAVLR into the ultimate destination marketer as this user-generated content being shared to millions of people daily  is seeing incredible organic reach and converting new users at rapid speeds.

97% of millennials say they share pictures while travelling, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat (Frederic Gonzalo, 2016)