Turnkey Travel marketplace as a service

To inspire travellers you need to provide more than just a place to book tickets.

A partnership with TRAVLR gives access to rich user generated content and the ability to communicate to your audience with a powerful platform which monetises every segment of travel including the largest inventory of bookable content on the one site.



The travel industry is one of the most disjointed and fragmented marketplaces on Earth.

We’ve aggregated the biggest players in the industry into one site and seamlessly connected it to an ecosystem that generates enormous amounts of user generated content.

A global plug and play travel solution which is at the forefront of technology, where you can own the user and generate revenue from the entire transaction and every future transaction they may make.

An end-to-end travel marketplace that offers accurate, reliable and a trusted information for travellers, a place where they can be inspired, discover and ultimately book their entire holiday by themselves of by being connected to over 2,000 travel experts on the ground across the globe, all seamlessly offered - on the one platform.



The ultimate travel technology marketplace as a service.

We connect travellers to user generated content, tourism operators and the biggest players in the industry, all on the one platform enhancing every stage of the travel experience for all parties. See more below.


The largest inventory of bookable inventory on one site.

We have the largest inventory set of bookable accommodation on one site.

With live availability and exclusive member pricing we are as competitive or more competitive than any other partner in market (including the major OTA's). Our accommodation rates are consolidated into a clean format fed directly through API feeds from Expedia, Agoda, Agoda Homes (first English speaking partner to offer this globally), JacTravel, Webbeds, Totalstay & Amadeus. See live example here.


Global fares & tactical rates

We’ve built our own flight engine that consolidates multiple airlines as well as tactical fares into the one feed. The whole system offers automated ticketing and allows customers to book seperate one way fares from an array of suppliers all bundled into one transaction.

Think of this solution like Skyscanner but where they can book everything, through any airline - all on your site. See an example here.


Global tours and experiences

We have an enormous inventory of tours, experiences and transfers across all destinations.

Rental cars, in location experiences, and everything found on key partners like Website Travel, Viator & Trip Advisor Experiences (with more coming soon).

By letting your customers book everything on the one site, it drives larger cart size and more revenue for your business and repeat business. See example here.


Monetise the entire experience

We’ve built a unique portal which lets customers purchase food and beverage deals and offers.

This means your customers can access the latest offers and promotions in the form of restaurant vouchers, tours and event tickets on your site

These can be offers we have curated for our global audience or your own offers loading into your CMS exclusive to your clients. See live example here.


Plan and compare using shortlist

Allowing your travellers to shortlist their favourite venues, activities, destinations and accommodation and share it to others means you can build a relationship with travellers and get ownership of them before they start looking elsewhere to book.

We give travellers the ability to then check price and availability for all of their favourite options in one screen. See live example here.


Build out your dream holiday

Let your travellers map out their dream holiday using their own shortlists or other users recommendations to build out their dream holiday.

Drag and drop everything into one easy to use format, then we can price it all up for them in one simple package at the best value.

Better still, every trip can be made public and then replicated by other travellers. See example here.


Why partner with TRAVLR?

We were in this position 4 years ago with The Bali Bible where our revenue model was based on us sending our monthly visitors to another site like or to convert and drive revenue back to our business.

The major issue here is the entire business model and conversion funnel relied on us sending our users away from our site and we didn't own the user or generate revenue from the entire transaction - it would simply be that one item e.g. hotel or single tour and we never saw them again.

With TRAVLR you could send your traffic to '' which would bring together all of the major partners into one site where you own the user, the entire transaction and any future transactions.

Imagine ‘’ was a self-sustainable travel eco-system that was fuelled by real, user generated content and helped you connect your existing audience in a way like never before.

How to get started

Start making revenue by selling all segments of travel in 3 easy steps:



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The site goes LIVE!

We will work with your development to get platform live under your domain and your branding. Subject to our pipeline it takes 2-4 weeks from application (subject to the opportunity size).


Drive your audience there

Now you just need to drive your current audience to your own site through email and existing assets. No need to compete on customer acquisition with the digital advertising juggernauts like

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