// The Millennial Focused Tech Platform Government and Tourism Boards Need in 2018

These days, travel for most is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, especially with the increasing emergence of travel technology and the surge of millennial travellers. But with the ease of technology comes higher expectations.

Set to become the largest and highest paid generation ever, millennials view travel as a way to experience new worlds and broaden their minds, and tourism bodies need to recognise and leverage the opportunity this segment of the market presents.

With such a large and socially driven audience hungry for real experiences, there has never been a better time to provide a service that lets travellers make their own decisions and use real peoples’ recommendations to determine how they travel and how they discover authentic experiences abroad.

Travellers seek simplicity in the process of researching, planning and ultimately booking their next getaway, without having to go through multiple sites and paying a range of tourism suppliers. TRAVLR, an online platform that is revolutionising the future of travel offers a service every tourism board and local government needs to adopt in 2018.



// TRAVLR - The Future of Travel

TRAVLR is a revolutionary new technology platform that resolves an issue faced by travellers worldwide - the inability to manage their own travel from end-to-end within one site.

Lani and I founded TRAVLR after we witnessed the frustrations that our 2+ million followers had when planning their dream trip to Bali, and we were determined to improve the experience using our existing portal - The Bali Bible. We wanted to develop a more intelligent platform that took all of the friction out the travel process. 


With TRAVLR we’ve created a solution for travellers that does not currently exist. The platform curates and personalises hundreds of thousands of recommendations from like-minded travellers and presents them to users in a clean and simple format.

With 76% of travellers now taking the advice of their peers compared to 18% from a traditional ‘expert’, TRAVLR provides a seamless, trustworthy and intelligent solution that allows users to discover, plan, book, experience and share their travel in one simple and seamless platform.

We’re also relentless in continuing to develop the platform and incorporating emerging technologies wherever it will enhance the user experience. We’re improving the artificial intelligence aspects of our platform even further to drive more personalisation for our users, using augmented reality to help travellers experience the perks of a destination before they book and identifying opportunities for with TRAVLR & blockchain.

With a dedicated following of over 2 million, we’ve invested the time to really understand our audience. We know that women are the lead deci­sion maker in over 80 per cent of all non-business related trav­el, whether they are deciding for themselves or for other people. 

Our own audience within the TRAVLR community is made up of 65% females between the age of 20-35. Over time we’ve realised just how unique this segment of the market is and we’ve designed the platform specifically to match their needs.

We know too that our users don’t want a generic, global solution.

When people are planning to visit a specific destination they want recommendations on only that location, which is why we’ve developed a destination specific model with standalone content, dedicated mobile apps and dedicated destination teams. By doing so we’re much better able to meet and exceed the travellers expectations.

Through our experience with The Bali Bible we’ve seen just how potent the combination of our destination specific model and focus on engaging influential, millennial audiences can be.

Over the past 8 years we’ve built a tribe-like following through our social communities.

On instagram, for example, The Bali Bible hashtags (#thebalibible & #balibible) has been used nearly 1.6 million times, by travellers to just one small Indonesian island. Compare this with the TripAdvisor hashtag, being used 1.4 million times for travel to every corner of the globe.



// The Power of Insights and Analytics in a changing landscape

By serving travellers in this way, TRAVLR builds an incredibly extensive data footprint that creates a clear and informative view of travel trends, traveller demographics and behaviours in a destination. This resource is something that is quickly becoming sought after by government bodies and tourism boards globally.


The development of TRAVLR has specifically focussed on keeping the travel experience in mind at all times, something that has driven its success to date.

The unexpected outcome of doing so is a huge base of data and insights around what travellers want, who they are and how they behave – something that has become incredibly useful for the government's TRAVLR is currently working with. TRAVLR allows government organisations to see clearly the tourist’s demographics and behaviours including popular activities and places, favourite accommodations within an area, and much, much more.

The public organisations TRAVLR is working with to date say they’ve never had this level of insight into their audience, and it is something that is making a significant impact on the way they approach tourism in their destinations and make decisions around who they are focussed on.

The platform helps government bodies to develop and tweak tourism programs they want to focus on and commercialise in order to bring more visitors to their destination.

It can assist in connecting these government bodies to local businesses, generate revenue for an area and to better understand which initiatives are actually converting to inbound tourism dollars.

// Showcasing authentic and iconic experiences that make a destination unique

Additionally, TRAVLR is fast becoming a necessary tool for government organizations to promote the uniqueness of their regions. The nature of the platform enables smaller and more local tourism operators – local restaurants, accommodation, cultural experiences and undiscovered destinations – to create and promote their own digital presence and better compete on an even playing field with the big tourism players.

In creating the platform, TRAVLR has always kept the smaller businesses and hidden iconic gems, in mind. TRAVLR enables them to create their own digital and social presence, which they found difficult to achieve on their own.

Like government bodies, individual businesses listed on the TRAVLR platform can also access specific insights on the travellers visiting their listing. They can understand who is interested in their business, where they are coming from, when they’ll be arriving and can even promote and engage specific audiences through the platform.

One of the things TRAVLR is most proud of is assisting small business to reach a wider audience and enabling travellers to connect with more authentic and undiscovered travel experiences.

// The added benefits of working with TRAVLR

Not only does TRAVLR benefit the travellers themselves in planning and experiencing their travel, but SME’s and governments partnering with TRAVLR are also flourishing.

The platform will allow SME’s and government organisations to receive a significant return on their investment, by which the whole economy of the region is impacted.

The benefits of adopting the TRAVLR platform are profound, and is enormously supportive of countries in their marketing efforts by generating enormous amounts ‘user generated content’ (UGC) that is shared through social channels and highly discoverable on search engines.

With TRAVLR’s Bali platform, The Bali Bible, users are creating over 500+ new pages of content each and every day, digitalising travel advice and removing the need for offline media and print by replacing it with an enormous resource of user generated content dedicated to a country.

The unique and incredibly insightful platform should be on the roadmap as a compliment to every country’s tourism plans as it provides a significant benefit to tourism boards, SME’s, tourism operators but also the GDP and economy driving significant increases in new tourists to a destination.

To find out more reach out to me directly at simon@travlr.com or visit our website travlr.com.

Hopefully we can work with you to compliment your existing offerings and help showcase your beautiful location to the world.

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