Don’t Just Dream, Do It and Help Others Dream as Well


“A single dream can be more powerful than a thousand realities” J.R.R.  Tolken

Dreams have been what have kept human beings alive for centuries. Keeping us wanting and desiring more. For some, the sky is the limit. 

There are those who are satisfied just dreaming of achieving the unimaginable, creating or inventing something life-changing, or going places which they could only dream of going. Others, use dreams as inspiration to make them a reality. 

Most of us have dreamed of traveling the world at some point and discovering paradises which seemed, at least in the past, impossible to reach. As times and technology advance, we have tools which help us materialize some of these dreams. 

For those who are ready to pack their bags and take that dream vacation now, they’ll be happy to discover there is a newcomer in the travel industry. And it comes as no surprise it is considered a leader in the travel space. TRAVLR is redefining the way the world dreams of traveling. Aside from inspiring you to dream, it helps travelers across the world plan and furthermore, book and share their life changing journeys to dream destinations. 

In recent studies by the Deep Focus Intelligence Group, the Pinterest platform was highlighted for its unique way of engaging its audience not only in the dreaming stage of traveling but also in the planning stage. The study showed that a quarter of travelers who plan travel online use Pinterest for this purpose, putting it on par with Google, Facebook and even the likes of Expedia and Priceline. The reason is simple, the platform carved a niche in leading people to take action and make well-informed decisions, often leading to actual bookings and purchases. 

Now what if there was a platform where you could actually use the curated information you found in it and aside from helping you dream of that ‘one-in-a-lifetime’ trip you’ve always wanted to take, it also allowed you to plan it, book it, experience it and even sharing it with others all in one platform. That is TRAVLR.

When you dream of an exotic, maybe far a way paradise under the likes of Bali, there is no better platform to learn and know everything there is to know about the magical island like TRAVLR’s Platform - The Bali Bible. From its unique curated content contributed by thousands of locals, visitors and experts, and the images and videos which accompany this content; dreaming about going there will surely become the beginning of a reality. 

Whether you're planning your first backpacking trip or that luxury honeymoon, whether it is a short escape or a lengthy discovery of the whole island, TRAVLR provides all the information you need. You will not only find all your favourites, but also discover those secret hide-outs, mouth watering authentic cuisine holes-in-the-wall and the best ‘warungs’ to find the bargains we all love. 

TRAVLR also helps you shortlist your picks and create the perfect itinerary for your dream trip. Even the most discerning of travelers can make well-informed decisions in their planning through comments and reviews of those who best know the destination or those who have already experienced what it has to offer and maybe even the reasons why you are dreaming of discovering it. 

Now you are ready to make your dream escape a reality. It is time to book and purchase your flights, accommodation and even your adventures and dining options. That is one of TRAVLR unique offerings. You can do all of this on the same platform. Now all you need to do is pack and get ready for your dream vacation. 

There is nothing like dreaming, yet even better is making your dreams come true. When it comes to traveling and making those dreams a memorable reality TRAVLR sets the benchmark for sharing your experiences and ultimate discoveries. Not just for you to remember and share with your friends, but also to help others dream. Imagine if you could help others take a page out of your book and materialize their dream travels as well. 

TRAVLR believes in making its users much more than consumers. Its core philosophy is making each of us an ambassador of the destinations we discover and visit. This is the way TRAVLR is carving its niche in the travel space. It makes our journeys all the more special when your experiences motivate others who also dream of discovering what you’ve now experienced. 

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