TRAVLR solves long standing problem; DIY Travel vs. Travel Agents

For a long time, the options to book your travel have been limited. Travellers globally have been facing with the choice between planning their own travel (DIY) or relying on the advice of a traditional travel agents.

Choice Magazine recently conducted a study to once and for all decide which option is cheaper. While the results found that the DIY method produces slightly cheaper results for most travellers, is that all there is to consider in the decision?

What about other reasons to consider the use of a travel agent - convenience, insider knowledge and personalised recommendations?

With the birth of TRAVLR, globetrotters no longer need to agonise over this decision. The platform brings together the best of both worlds for travellers.


TRAVLR enables personalised and curated recommendations, for hyper-local destinations, with the insider knowledge and advice that travel agents are usually relied upon for. By connecting hundreds of thousands of travellers and enabling them to share their recommendations, tips and favourite aspects of a destination, TRAVLR has created a totally new type of discovery and planning model in the travel tech sector.

By using advanced technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence, the TRAVLR platform automatically curates and offers up recommendations based on the type of traveller you are and the trip you want to take.

Once you’ve discovered all of the places you want to visit, stay, eat, drink and relax in a destination, you can access the pricing and booking from a multitude of aggregators and providers, within the single TRAVLR platform - without ever having to leave the site.

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By balancing the need for personalised advice while giving the user full control over their planning, TRAVLR has eliminated the need to choose between the two traditional paths of travel planning by enabling you to get the best of both worlds.

We create hyper-local destination platforms, like The Bali Bible, combined with advanced technology to provide only the recommendations relevant to you. You can think of TRAVLR as your travel agent that never sleeps and is always there when you need them, without ever paying a premium.

We pride ourselves on giving people the power to dream. We’re in the business of inspiring travellers instead of just telling them where to go. With current platforms operating in Bali & Fiji and launches happening for TRAVLR New Zealand and TRAVLR Indonesia in the coming months, we’re excited to bring the TRAVLR platform to more of the world’s incredible destinations and continue to enrich people’s lives through better travel experiences.