As a traveller, every holiday starts with a dream.

Today, travellers are digital natives and find their inspiration for travel online and through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook - Also a community less likely to respond to modern day advertising,

TRAVLR encourages our users to share their own travel stories with their online community and opening the floodgates of possibility with curated, personal content that entertains, informs, and surprises their audience through social media.

If you want to attract more travellers, don’t give them more information. Give them inspiration. There’s plenty of information out there—too much to sort through. They’re looking for curators to help them pinpoint travel experiences that are right for them.”
—Daniel Levine, travel trends expert and keynote speaker



TRAVLR is built with 'content creation' at its core. 

There are hundreds of ways to holiday in a tropical location, so we built our platform to enable expats, locals and regular's to discover insider knowledge quickly and easily. Travellers can search, browse and discover locations, venues or popular lists showcasing the very best of the restaurant, nightlife, getaways, and adventures scenes in one location. 

As the travellers discover more on the location they are researching, they can shortlist these into their own personally branded lists and start building out a rough plan for their future trip.

By enabling the users to create their own shortlists during the planning phase, we strengthen our relationship with them as they progress through to the booking phase but also create more personalised content from their own lists which they can quickly share.


As a traveller, you’ve made some decisions…

The traveller has now completed the first two stages of dreaming and planning and is ready to book their dream holiday. With TRAVLR you can do all of this easily using the venues, locations and ideas you shortlisted in the planning stage.

Review potential accommodation or locations with fellow travellers, and then compare prices and book through our trusted partners! TRAVLR has integrations with all the leading hotel, flight and tour aggregators in the travel industry to ensure you can quickly and easily compare, review and book in one place.

Once booked you can drag and drop anything to our incredible itinerary tool and add your booking references to make it the complete solution for storing, managing and planning your holiday.  

With TRAVLR anyone can become an instant online travel agent. You may be planning the trip for a friend, or just wanting to map out an imaginative trip using our itinerary tool, create, and then share it on social media with friends and family who might book!


Once you arrive, we're still there for you.

The experience stage of travel is increasingly mobile-driven; travellers are seeking out online search and social media over in-person assistance to solve their travel problems. Especially true for millennials, who list their smartphone as their most important travel item, even above items like clothing. TRAVLR has both offline mode, and mobile applications which enable travellers to save their shortlists, and trips so they can access them on the go.

Planned an outdoor activity and it’s raining, jump back onto TRAVLR to look for new plans right away. At a time when travellers can do so much planning on the fly, we know its vital to assist them through this key stage.



Travellers love to share!

Now that their trip is over, travellers are dying to tell the world what they did.

This once meant showing photos or a carousel of slides to a small group in their living room, these days a photo or video can be shared around the world. By enabling travellers to create and book their trip on our platform, we also allow them to share their itinerary or shortlists with their friends and family. This isn't just a photo shared on social media, but a page of recommendations and suggestions shared on social media, and indexed by google for millions to see.

This single action of sharing the moments and experiences they had then encourages other travellers who are at the dreaming stage. By driving the interaction of our users from dreaming to sharing, every user who registers to our platform becomes incredible ambassadors.