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inspire. CONNECT. earn.

Finally, an Affiliate Program that rewards you for creating content on our site, not just sending us traffic – a world first program created by travellers, for travellers.

To inspire travellers you need to provide more than just a place to book tickets. A partnership with TRAVLR gives access to rich user generated content and the ability to communicate to your audience with a powerful platform which monetises every segment of travel through the biggest players in the industry, all on the one site.



We are excited to announce we are launching our own affiliate platform that rewards travellers, businesses and users for not just driving traffic, but for creating content! No one offers travellers or businesses the ability create unique content and real trips under their own profile on one site - which you can personalise and share and that the public can copy and ultimately book!

As a business or influencer, you can earn commission on the entire transactions not for just part of the booking!

There is absolutely no cost to join and you can start by creating amazing content and recommending our site to your network to drive commission from users you either refer, or that engage and book via the with content you make!


A Program for Influencers by Influencers

We know everyone travels differently, and we also understand that it takes an enormous amount of time to build, and create a significant following on social media.

We invite you to share your own unique travel experiences on TRAVLR, and then share it with your audience - you can inspire like-minded travellers with trip itineraries and travel content and then earn commission if they book through our site as a result!


Largest inventory on one site!

TRAVLR offers outstanding rates on over 1,000,000+ hotels, tours, restaurants, activities, local transportation and meals and has the largest global inventory of bookable items on one site.

You can earn up to 10%* commission on bookings using our best-in-class tools and support. All features of our affiliate program are designed to enable you to easily adopt the program and monetise your traffic optimally.

Why use TRAVLR’s Program?

We’ve created an ecosystem where we bring together the biggest brands globally on one site, and collect payment for all of them - providing a travel platform which boats the largest hotel, tour and experience inventory globally.

  • Superior inventory: Expedia & Agoda negotiates directly with suppliers to secure access to superior inventory, including dynamic packages and exclusive rates.

  • Content first - As a content first platform, you can create content on the site, and be rewarded for it

  • Personal branding: You create your own account on our site, and all content is under your account. You can leverage your experience, network and audience to build your presence on our site.

  • Dedicated country specific locations - which means our own audience are hungry for your content

  • Transparent Reporting: See live click counts, engagement and revenue in real time.

What we look for:

We love working with brands that share our mission and provide opportunities for mutually beneficial growth. We look for influencers, businesses, and blogs with:

100,000 monthly visits

An audience consisting of 100,000 visits each month



A passion for helping people connect and belong



Create dynamic and inspirational content about travel or hospitality



An eagerness to leverage all media channels to drive transactions (especially for blogs and influencers)

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